Teenager From Pennsylvania Accused With Murder During An Instagram Video Confession

On Friday, authorities in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, arrested a 16-year-old boy for allegedly killing a girl and then turning to Instagram for assistance in disposing of the body. The kid allegedly posted his need for assistance on Instagram.

Bensalem Police said that operators of the 9-1-1 phone service received a call from the parents of a concerned party who said their daughter received an Instagram video chat from a 16-year-old acquaintance, who was later identified as 16-year-old Joshua Cooper, who said he just killed someone. The parents of the concerned party called the 9-1-1 operators to report the incident.

Before asking for assistance in getting rid of the body, Cooper in the video flipped the view of the camera so that it showed bloody legs belonging to a person and then asked for assistance.

The Bensalem police stated that they were informed that Cooper lived in the Top of the Ridge Trailer Park, so they went to check out the property to see if he was there.

According to the police, just as authorities got on the scene, a young child ran out of the back of the trailer.

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After that, the officers entered the mobile home and discovered a girl’s body lying on the floor of the bathroom with a gunshot wound to her head.

The police also stated that they saw “significant steps” being done to clean up the scene of the accident.

Additional cops joined the search for Cooper, and not much longer after that, he was discovered and taken into custody.

Cooper was charged as an adult with criminal homicide, possessing tools of crime, and tampering with evidence. The charges were brought against Cooper since he was an adult.

After his arraignment in the Bucks County District Court, Justice Stacy Wertman ruled that the defendant should not be released on bail and instead be taken to the Edison Juvenile Detention Center.

Anyone who may have information regarding the event is encouraged to get in touch with Detective Ryan Kolb at 215-633-3746 or Detective Shawn Smith at 215-633-3687, according to the police.

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