Teens Plead Guilty In The Shooting Of Brian Robinson Jr.

Running back Brian Robinson Jr. of the Washington Commanders was shot during the attempted heist, and the two teenagers apprehended have admitted culpability.

According to the Washington Post, a 15-year-old entered a guilty plea on Monday in D.C. Superior Court to attempted robbery in connection with the Robinson incident on August 28 and voluntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of another 15-year-old on October 3. The teen allegedly used the same gun in both the deadly shooting and the Robinson holdup, according to law enforcement officials.

The Washington Post reported that a 17-year-old entered a guilty plea to assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a pistol without a licence in the Aug. 28 incident on Jan. 13 in D.C. Superior Court.

During the court hearings, a few new information of Robinson’s shooting were revealed.

Around 6 o’clock on August 28 in Washington, D.C., two teenagers tried to rob Robinson while he was on his way to his Dodge Challenger Hellcat as he was walking toward it.

Robinson started to flee when one of the kids walked up to him and produced a revolver. Robinson took the gun from the 17-year-old when the latter tried to stop him. The 15-year-old then shot Robinson just above the knee and in the hip before the two boys fled.

The DNA of the 17-year-old was matched by prosecutors to the Glock.33-caliber pistol that Robinson had taken from the teen. The 15-year-old was taken into custody on November 4, and the 17-year-old on November 1. At the time Robinson was shot, the suspects were 16 and 14.

After joining the Commanders from Alabama in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft, Robinson’s injuries forced him to miss the first four games of the season. He recovered and this season, he has the most rushing yards for Washington.

On October 9, Robinson made his NFL debut against the Tennessee Titans, finishing with 22 yards on nine carries in a 21-17 loss. Robinson’s first touchdown, scored on a 1-yard run four days later, helped the Commanders defeat the Chicago Bears 12-7.

On Nov. 14, Robinson rushed for 86 yards and a touchdown as Washington defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 32-21 to become the first team to do so in the 2022 season. Two weeks later, in a 19-13 victory over the Atlanta Falcons, Robinson amassed his first 100-yard game and grabbed his first touchdown pass.

Robinson’s knee injury kept him out of Washington’s last regular-season game. Robinson led the club with 797 yards and two touchdowns on 205 carries while appearing in 12 of the Commanders’ 17 games. Additionally, he hauled in nine catches for 60 yards and a score.

Judge Robert A. Salerno will sentence both teenagers, the 17-year-old on February 24 and the 15-year-old on March 8.

According to The Washington Post, the 17-year-guilty old’s plea was a component of an agreement in which prosecutors would ask that the boy be committed to the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services’ custody until he turns 20; however, the judge might extend that arrangement by up to a year. At his parents’ house, the adolescent is currently kept in GPS-tracked 24-hour captivity.

In addition, Salerno could order the 15-year-old to remain in the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services’ care until he becomes 21. The prosecution asked the judge to detain the teenager until sentencing.

Robinson, a star athlete in high school at Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa, ran for 1,343 yards and 14 touchdowns and caught 35 passes for 296 yards for Alabama in 2021.

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