Temple University Students Held At Gunpoint In Off-campus Housing Basement

Temple University administrators have reported that on Friday morning, students from the university were robbed at gunpoint in an off-campus residence.

Some of the victims told ABC Philadelphia station WPVI about their terrifying ordeal, which they said began when one of the roommates answered the door to a knock.

According to the students’ report to the radio station, the roommate let the two young guys into the flat because he thought the males knew someone who lived there.

Temple University Students Held At Gunpoint In Off-campus Housing Basement
Temple University Students Held At Gunpoint In Off-campus Housing Basement

The students claimed that an armed man woke up many of their roommates and then abducted one of them.

WPVI said there were eleven people in the house at the time, including six women who lived there, three male companions, and two female guests. The kids said that they spent almost an hour trapped in the apartment’s cellar.

Some of the victims reportedly got their laptops out of hiding in the basement and texted anybody they could think of to contact the police and report being held up, as reported by WPVI.

Since the two males kept asking, “Where are the drugs?,” the victims informed WPVI they think the accused were at the incorrect home.
The students informed WPVI that they were coerced into giving up their personal belongings, including their phones, cars, and debit cards with their PINs. WPVI reported that police believe the two suspects also stole a 2015 Infinity minivan.

It was at about 7 o’clock in the morning that police were called to the apartment complex, and they are still seeking for the perpetrators. WPVI reported that police were searching for security footage in the area.
There were no reported injuries, but the pupils were understandably unnerved.

‘You never think it’s going to happen to you, but when it does, it’s like a shock,’ said one kid to WPVI.

Another student said to the station, “I think the sad part is, we all talked in the room — we all recognized that once they got in the room, everyone was kind of, ‘Oh, it’s our time now.'”

Temple students “were robbed at gunpoint at an off-campus residence,” the institution said in a statement to ABC News, which was outside the jurisdiction of the Temple University Police Department.

The university stressed that “no reports of injuries or illnesses were received” during the incident. Temple University’s first goal is still ensuring the security of its campus.

ABC News’ request for comment from the Philadelphia Police Department was met with silence.


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