Tennessee Mother Reveals Her Missing Daughter Had Been Deceased for Weeks; Police Discover Remains Near Her Residence

A police statement says that the mother of a 4-year-old Tennessee girl who was reported missing said that the girl had been dead for several weeks after a day-long search.

Sequoia Samuels’s body parts were found Thursday night near her apartment, which is where she lived, Memphis police said in a statement. Her mother had reported her missing that morning, saying that she had woken up to find her front door open and the girl was gone.

News sources said that a statement filed by the police on Friday said Brittany Jackson lied when she made the first call about her daughter. The statement said that Jackson later told police that her boyfriend, Jaylon Hobson, had hit the girl until she stopped breathing and couldn’t be saved.

The tweet below says “A family member who does not want to be identified said she reached out to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services multiple times before 4-year-old Sequoia Samuels’ death”

According to the statement, the girl’s body was then put in several trash bags and kept inside the house until it was moved to a trash can the morning after the police were called.

Memphis police say that Jackson, who is 24, is charged with aggravated child neglect, abuse of a corpse, and making a false crime report. Police say that Hobson, who is 21 years old, has been charged with making up a crime report.

When he talked to police, Hobson “denied involvement” in Samuels’ death.

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The statement said, “Hobson said that he last saw Samuels on June 11, 2023, which is impossible because the human remains thought to be Samuels are already too rotten.”

Police said they were still looking into it and asked anyone who knew anything to come forward.

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