6 killed Including 3 Children in Tennessee Murder-suicide Near Georgia Border

Six people are dead after a murder-suicide in Marion County, Tennessee, on Thursday night, says News Channel 9.

Three of the people who died were kids. Seven people were shot, and one of them is still in the hospital.

The shooting happened at a house on Pine Street in the town of Sequatchie, which is about 15 miles from the Georgia line in the northwest.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says that when police came to the house, it was already on fire. The sheriff said that he doesn’t know how many people were shot. At least two people died from breathing in smoke.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Sheriff Bo Burnett said that the shooter was Gary Don Barnett and that among the people who were killed were the shooter’s ex-wife Regina Barnett, two of their grandkids, and another child. Brittany Perez, who is the daughter of Regina Barnett, was also a victim.

No information has been given about how old the kids are.

Three shots were fired at the person who lived.

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