Tesla Driver Arrested For Alleged Attempted Murder

Despite additional security measures from Holyoke Police, Sunday morning at the Holyoke Mall was business as usual. The action follows a fatal shooting that occurred Saturday night.
Sunday shoppers were thinking about the tragedy from Saturday night.

“Yeah, we discussed it on the way here. Because of what happened the day before, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but we went nevertheless. Kearstyn King, a customer, said, “Like other folks are saying you can’t just hide home and we have some shopping we need to do.

King said that they frequently visit this mall and that she had planned to bring her daughter there on Saturday night, around the time of the shooting. She was left at home while they postponed the trip until Sunday.

Although they were aware of the tragedy that occurred at the mall Saturday night, the shoppers we spoke to on Sunday said it didn’t stop them from having an usual day at the mall.

The obvious sadness, one man told 22News, was precisely what motivated him to visit the mall on Sunday with a message of hope.

“In actuality, you can see that more tension is merely escalating as time goes on. However, Jose Valderrama noted that “the sense of humanity is drastically declining. “We’re only entering to provide a message of optimism. I have to let others know because I can’t just keep this to myself.

On a mission to assist those in need, Jose and a companion from their church are travelling.

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