Texas Man Arrested After Assaulting And Starving A Bumble Date, Freed After Posting A $50,000 Bond

According to reports, a man in Texas who was suspected of abusing a lady he met on the dating app Bumble and starving her to death was allowed out of jail after posting a bond of $50,000.

Zachary Kent Mills, 21, was taken into custody by Harris County deputies a week ago and charged with first-degree aggravated kidnapping, according to a report that was shown on a Fox station in Houston, Texas called KRIV.On December 29, deputies from the Precinct 4 office of the Harris County Constable’s Office responded to a call in Tomball, Texas, after receiving information that a lady had been assaulted by a guy she met online. The perpetrator of the incident was eventually identified as Mills.

Following an investigation, deputies came to the conclusion that five days prior, the victim had been at Mill’s apartment, where she had allegedly been detained against her will.

The woman told the deputies that before she was eventually able to get help from a neighbor, she had been sexually abused numerous times before she was able to do so.

KRIV reported that the victim stated in court documents that she claimed that Mills sought to have sex with her when she arrived at his apartment and that as soon as she rejected his efforts, he began to assault her with a clenched fist, would not let her leave, and bit her on the neck and face.

In addition, the woman said to the investigators that Mills hit her with the handle of a screwdriver when his hands became fatigued.

The woman reportedly told the police that she had suffered “severe bodily injuries” as a result of the assault and that she had been denied food and drink while she was at Mill’s apartment.

She was evaluated and treated for her wounds at a local medical facility after being transported there.

Mills was taken into custody, transported to the Harris County Jail, and charged with first-degree aggravated kidnapping, according to a statement that was released the previous week.

Mills was able to get out of jail after posting the $50,000 bond that had been set for his release.

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