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Texas Man Charged With Two Fresh M*rders, Linked to Additional Cold Cases

Texas Man Charged With Two Fresh Mrders

Texas Man Charged With Two Fresh Mrders

A guy in Texas who was previously convicted of m*rder is now facing two fresh m*rder charges after he allegedly called police to confess to k!lling his roommate and another woman.  If police didn’t catch Raul Meza Jr. this week, he might have k!lled again, too. Meza told police Tuesday night in Austin, according to Detective Patrick Reed.

“he was ready and prepared to kill again, and he was looking forward to it.” Meza, 62, was arrested on Monday and charged with the m*rder of his 80-year-old roommate Jesse Fraga, who was found stabbed to de@th in their Pflugerville home this month, and another lady in 2019.

Austin police Sgt. Nathan Sexton said at a news conference on Tuesday that Fraga was found de@d with a belt around his neck when officers came to the property on May 20 for a welfare check requested by his family, who hadn’t heard from him in more than a week.

The news is confirmed by the tweet below:

According to the probable cause affidavit, Fraga’s niece told police that Meza had moved out on May 12, the day he was last seen alive. Sexton claims that Meza called Austin police on May 24 and confessed to k!lling Fraga, as well as implicating himself in the m*rder of a woman several years earlier.

After Meza’s release from prison in 2016, he called Reed to confess, and, according to Reed, Meza claimed, “I end up murdering a lady soon afterwards.” Sexton stated that the murder of Gloria Lofton, who was strangled in May of 2019, was the sole case in Austin that fit the “parameters that had been set out by Meza” in that phone call.

According to Reed, Meza disclosed information that was previously classified. Authorities said they were able to link Meza to the m*rder of Lofton by DNA evidence found at the site, but it wasn’t until Meza called police that he was arrested for the crime.

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Meza had an existing m*rder conviction. According to the primary investigator on the case, current Austin assistant interim city manager Bruce Mills, he pled guilty in 1982 to the de@th of a young girl. Police have already uncovered “multiple cold cases that have a similar M.O. [modus operandi], and we’re looking into those for future leads,” Reed added, in light of the recent m*rder charges.

According to the police, there are eight to ten other cases with comparable details. “He’s killed how many people? We don’t know,” Mills said. Meza was taken to the Travis County Jail and processed there. A court date has not been scheduled for him.

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