Texas Mother Jailed for Dangling Toddler From Third-story Window

On Friday, police in Texas arrested a mother who they said hung her 4-month-old child out of a third-floor apartment window.

The event happened at the Venti apartment complex, which is in the 14300 block of Ella Boulevard in the Houston area.

Mark Herman, the Harris County Constable for Precinct 4, said that officers got multiple reports of Gre’Ondria Whitfield dangling her child out of the window of her apartment.

When the cops got there, they got the child to safety quickly.

Herman says that Whitfield and the officers got into a fight at the scene, and she pulled out a loaded gun and threatened to shoot.

Whitfield was arrested and charged with putting a child in danger and aggravated attack with a deadly weapon. No one was hurt.

Officials say that Child Protective Services was told about what happened, and the child was then given to a parent who was at the scene.

Whitfield is still in the Harris County Jail, and her bond is set at $40,000.

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