Texas Woman Condemned To Death After Removing Unborn Child From Mother’s Womb And Stabbing Friend 100 Times

A lady from Texas was condemned to death for murdering her friend and stealing her unborn child.

According to CNN, after two hours of deliberation on Wednesday, a jury in Bowie County, Maryland, sentenced Taylor Rene Parker, 29, to death. Parker was found guilty of murder and capital murder for Reagan Simmons-(age Hancock’s 21) and her unborn child’s (date of death October 9, 2020) deaths by the same jury in early October.

Texas Woman Condemned To Death After Removing Unborn Child From Mother's Womb And Stabbing Friend 100 Times
Texas Woman Condemned To Death After Removing Unborn Child From Mother’s Womb And Stabbing Friend 100 Times

Parker, who had been pretending to be pregnant in order to prevent her lover from leaving her, stabbed Simmons-Hancock over one hundred times before she surgically delivered the baby. While fleeing the New Boston murder scene, she was stopped by police and revealed that she had just given birth on the side of the road.

The infant girl passed away after being transferred to a hospital in Idabel, Oklahoma.

With the argument that Parker suffers from mental illness, her defense team hoped the jury would spare her life and sentence her to a term of life imprisonment without the chance of release.

Parker is one of six women on Texas’s death row; the state’s last female execution was in 1998. According to NPR, the average duration between sentence in Texas and the execution of a death row convict is 16 years.

Parker will be sent to Gatesville, Texas’s Mountain View Unit.

In a statement made before her daughter’s sentence, Simmons-mother, Hancock’s Jessica Brooks, referred to Parker as a “evil piece of flesh monster,” as reported by the Texarkana Gazette.

My daughter was one of the few individuals in the world that really cared about you. I mean, at this point, who gives a crap? The victim impact statement made by Ms. Brooks. “When you tore my baby apart and removed her kid from her tummy, she was still alive and battling for her babies.”

Simmons-Hancock was roughly seven and a half months pregnant, according to prosecutor Kelley Crisp.

“If [Parker] is capable of that kind of brutality, she poses a threat in the future. It’s time to put her to death. Hundreds of cuts were made by her on [Simmons-Hancock]. Ms. Crisp said that “she hit her with a hammer.” You’re going to tell me she isn’t a violent person?” She had her uterus torn out from behind.

On the day of the murder, detectives learned that she had seen a video on the medical examination of a baby born at 35 weeks.

Parker faked being pregnant, throwing a gender reveal party to fool her spouse and others. According to the Daily Beast, after undergoing a hysterectomy, she was unable to have children.

Lawyer for the defense Jeff Harrelson said mental illness was at the root of Parker’s case. During the course of the three-week trial, Mr. Harrelson also argued that the abduction accusation should be dropped on the grounds that the infant “had not been delivered alive.”

Prosecutors said that medical specialists had established that the pregnant girl had a heartbeat, which would have resulted in a reduction of the capital murder case against Parker to murder.

We have given out in detail everything that Parker did, why she did it, who was involved, and what the consequences were. Ms. Crisp said, “This is the greatest proof Texas has that the kid was delivered alive.


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