Texas Woman K!lled by Boyfriend Over Abortion

Dallas police say they think a man shot and killed his girlfriend after she went to another state to get an abortion.

A Dallas County arrest order says that Gabriella Gonzalez, who was 26 years old, was killed on Wednesday and that police were called to a parking lot.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Harold Lavance Thompson was walking with her right before the killing, which was caught on surveillance video. Police say that he tried to choke Gonzalez, but she got away.

The order said that Thompson then pulled out a gun and shot Gonzalez in the head. According to the court papers, he shot her several more times while she was on the ground and then ran away. Several people, including Gonzalez’s sister, told police that they saw Thompson try to choke the woman before they heard the gunshots.

The order says that the two were “going out together.” There was “an active family violence strangulation warrant” from an incident in March where “Gonzalez was the victim,” court papers said.

“More research showed that González had gone to Colorado to have an abortion and had come back the night before. People think that the suspect was the child’s father. The warrant said that the suspect did not want the accuser to have an abortion.”

“After the search warrant was carried out, Thompson was arrested, and he refused to say anything,” court records said.

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Records from the Dallas County Jail show that Thompson is charged with murdering and assaulting a family member or someone who lives with him or her and making it hard to breathe or move.

Thursday was Thompson’s first time going before a judge. When he did, the judge told him he couldn’t get bond, and he was going to get a public attorney.

The police report says that Gonzalez had three children from a past relationship.

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