The 17-year-old Suspect is Accused of Killing Two Teens at His House!

According to newly disclosed court documents, a Texas adolescent who is suspected of fatally shooting one person at his home allegedly told authorities that he planned to “commit a homicide for a long time.” However, this statement was later changed.

A lawsuit charging 17-year-old Connor Hilton with murder states that on Saturday night, while the two victims were at his Friendswood house, the suspect allegedly showed them a pistol and shot them both in the head.

The complaint states that a third witness who was present at the residence that evening reported hearing two gunshots and dialed 911 from the safety of the bathroom. Police arrived to the residence and discovered Hilton outside, who was described as “visibly distraught,” according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, when the police asked Hilton if anyone was harmed, he nodded and then pointed to the house, where he claimed to have seen two youngsters who he believed were dead.

The complaint states that upon entering the residence, the investigating officer saw two male victims, Benjamin Bliek, 19, and Ethan Riley, 18, laying on the floor, both wounded by gunshots. The officers also discovered a pistol on a nearby table.

The original 911 caller was found by another officer, who “reported hearing Hilton walk by the bathroom door crying and stating, ‘What have I done,'” according to the official complaint.

17-year-old Murder Suspect Accused of Shooting

Victims of the shooting were sent in critical condition to nearby hospitals. On Sunday, Riley passed away from his injuries, while Bliek is still in serious condition, according to the police.

Following the incident, Hilton was initially charged with two counts of aggravated assault inflicting serious bodily injury and brought in for interrogation by the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office.

He posted $1 million bond and was released, but on Monday, he was arrested at his house again on suspicion of murder, according to the police. He has no bond and is now imprisoned at the Galveston County Jail.

According to the complaint, during the interview that followed the incident, Hilton allegedly admitted to being the one who pulled the trigger. He also stated that there had been no argument or disturbance that night.

“He had thought about, and wanted, to commit a homicide for a long time,” he allegedly informed police, as stated in the complaint. He allegedly informed his mother that he wanted a firearm “with the intent of shooting someone and/or himself,” as stated in the complaint.

Hilton stated that he fully understands what he had done and that he should be held accountable,” according to the complaint. According to ABC News, Jennifer Carpenter, Hilton’s attorney, his mother did not buy the rifle.

The parents of Connor Hilton cannot express enough their deepest condolences to the victims’ families who have been heavily on the Hiltons’ hearts and minds as they try to navigate this devastating situation,” stated Hilton’s family in a statement delivered through the attorney on Thursday.

“The Hilton family wants to thank everyone who has reached out in love and support, including all who sent positive comments about Connor’s character and good nature in general,” the statement continued. “The family asks for continued prayers for everyone affected, especially the victims’ families.”

His legal team has moved for a hearing to decide if his remarks to the police can be used in court. They are arguing that his statements were not made or preserved according to state law. According to court records found online, Hilton is set to make an appearance for a status conference on February 2nd.

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