The Director Of Das Boot And Air Force One, Wolfgang Petersen, Has Passed Away At The Age Of 81

In an interview with CNN, Michelle Bega from Rogers & Cowan/PMK confirmed the death of Oscar-nominated director Wolfgang Petersen on August 12. He was 81.

Although German director Wolfgang Petersen is best known for his 1981 World War II epic “Das Boot,” many of his other films are considered classics in the subgenre of cult action movies.

After penning and directing the children’s fantasy picture The NeverEnding Story in 1984, he went on to create a series of action films starring some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Clint Eastwood, Rene Russo, and Dustin Hoffman in “In the Line of Fire,” and “Outbreak,” and “Air Force One” (with Harrison Ford and Glenn Close).
He continued this tendency in the 2000s with films like “The Perfect Storm” (with George Clooney) and “Troy,” starring Brad Pitt.

Having Wolfgang Petersen as my director on ‘Air Force One’ will always be a highlight of my career, Glenn Close told CNN in a statement. I remember a lot of laughter, especially in the moments around the large table in the War Room, despite the screenplay being dramatic and highly intense.
She explained that Petersen would video everyone by putting a remotely operated camera in one central location and rotating it around.

“His funny instruction while setting up the shot made it clear that the camera will pause on you. At each of us in turn, he’d yell, “Acting…acting…NO acting…NO acting…ACTING… aaaacting!” “they were recalled she thought. “Nobody’s time was wasted by him. When I think back on that time, I picture a happy man who is doing what brings him the most fulfillment.”
According to a representative, Petersen is survived by his wife, Maria Antoinette, son, Daniel, and two grandkids.

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