The Father of the Guy Who Admitted to Murdering His Three Boys Claims He “Just Snapped.”

The father of the 32-year-old man who told police Thursday afternoon that he killed his three young kids says his son “just snapped.”

Keith Doerman, who is 59 years old, said he doesn’t know why his son Chad shot and killed his young children outside of his home on Thursday. The boys were 3, 4, and 7 years old.

The grandfather says that the death of three people is “just terrible.”

“(He) just snapped. Keith Doerman said, “I could see in his eyes that he’s empty on the inside.” “That wasn’t Chad at the court appearance. That wasn’t him.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

Chad Doerman admitted in court on Friday morning to what the Clermont County prosecutor called “the most heinous, monstrous crime.”

Court papers said that Chad Doerman “confessed to planning and carrying out the deaths of the victims involved for several months.”

Prosecutors said that all three children were shot with a gun in a way that was meant to kill them. First rescuers found all three of the boys lying in the yard of a house. All of them were declared dead at the scene, and the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office said that all attempts to save their lives were “unsuccessful.”

Prosecutors said in court that Chad Doerman lined up his three boys and was getting ready to shoot them. One of the boys got away and ran into a nearby field, but the man chased him and dragged him back to the property before shooting him, according to officials.

Chad Doerman was found sitting on his front porch with the gun in his hand. When the cops took him into custody, he was calm and didn’t fight back when they grabbed him and pushed him to the ground to handcuff him.

He is being kept in the Clermont County Jail on a cash bond of $20 million.

Keith Doerman said he wants to talk to his son, but he’s not allowed to do so right now.

“I don’t know if it was about money, if it was about mental health, or if it was about work. Keith Doerman said, “I don’t know.” “I just can’t talk to him.”

In 2010, the 32-year-old was charged with domestic abuse because he was said to have choked his father, but a judge threw out the case.

Keith Doerman himself said that the charge was a mistake, the problem was fixed, and there was “no story to that one.”

Keith Doerman said, “He wasn’t like that.” “He liked to have fun.”

Keith Doerman said he was mad at Chad, but then he called him a “super father” and talked about how he laughed and joked with his boys.

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“He was a good kid,” said a crying Keith Doerman. “It’s terrible. I can’t take it any longer.”

On June 26, Chad Doerman is set to go back to court for a preliminary hearing.

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