The First Newborn Has Been Surrendered To The Florida Safe Haven Baby Box

The First Newborn Has Been Surrendered To The Florida Safe Haven Baby Box: The first baby to ever make use of a Safe Haven Baby Box in Florida was born two years after the box was initially installed there.

Recent reports from Ocala Fire Rescue indicate that a newborn infant was left unidentified in the Safe Haven box located at the agency’s headquarters.

There are currently 134 climate-controlled boxes located in firehouses and other sites across the country. These boxes have been established in order to provide a secure area where moms who are experiencing a crisis or are otherwise unable to parent can discreetly surrender their infants. After a baby has been placed inside, a silent alarm will notify first responders of the situation.

“We are extremely proud of this generous parent who has graciously given their newborn through the use of a Baby Box during the holiday season! Monica Kelsey, the founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, sent a statement to WESH in which she expressed her gratitude that the community had been prepared for the need.

We have no doubt that this infant will be welcomed into an adopted family with open arms, and we are overjoyed to be able to play a role in preventing the abandoning of infants.

The Mayor of Ocala, Kent Guinn, expressed his happiness that the city was able to offer this resource to new mothers and their infants.

“I am overjoyed to learn about the birth of this amazing child. “When we did this in 2020, I knew that this day would come; in fact, we all did; we just didn’t know when,” Mayor Guinn said in an interview with WESH. We are relieved that the mother of this child had access to it as a resource when she needed it.

In the year 2020, the 66th Safe Haven Baby Box was erected in the United States, and it was located in Ocala, Florida.

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