The Man Who Shot His Kids And Himself After A Fight With The Kids’ Mother Has Been Identified By Police

On Saturday night, a father was pronounced dead after opening fire on himself, his two children, and himself during an unannounced visit to the house of his children in Chandler. All three people were shot.

On Sunday morning, law enforcement determined that the father was a man named Derek Aaron Tighe, who is 52 years old.

The Chandler house was located close to Queen Creek Road and Alma School Road, which is where the incident took place. The two children and their mother lived there.

The Chandler Police Department made the discovery that Tighe, who did not live at the residence, unexpectedly showed up at the same time as the mother and her two children who were at home.

The Man Who Shot His Kids And Himself After A Fight With The Kids' Mother Has Been Identified By Police

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After his arrival, a domestic violence incident led to Tighe shooting his two children before fatally shooting himself. He then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

According to an update provided by police early on Sunday morning, the mother did not sustain any injuries, both of the children’s conditions are stable, and it is anticipated that they will live.

The Chandler Police Department established that both Tighe and the mother had a history of involvement in domestic violence.

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