The Man Who Went Missing After a Reported Shark Attack in California is a Tech CEO

Felix Louis N’jai, a kite surfer and tech CEO, is being remembered by friends and loved ones after he went missing following an apparent shark attack near Point Reyes National Seashore in California. Here are the key details:

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  • Felix Louis N’jai, a 52-year-old tech CEO, was in the water at Wildcat Beach, celebrating a wedding with friends when he was reportedly attacked by a shark.
  • According to witnesses, a shark grabbed N’jai by the neck and pulled him under the water as his friends rushed out to help.
  • N’jai was the CEO of tech incubator Eniac Labs, and he had come to the U.S. to study computer engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. He was also an avid kite surfer who enjoyed the waters of San Francisco and Oregon every summer. He was training to compete for Gambia in the 2024 Olympics in Paris.
  • A search and rescue mission for the missing swimmer was initiated by various agencies, including the National Park Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, and the Marin County Fire Department.
  • Witnesses reported seeing a large pool of blood in the water after the incident.
  • Despite ongoing search efforts, the National Park Service scaled back its search for N’jai.
  • Swimming in the rough waters off the coast of Marin County is generally discouraged, although shark attacks in the area are rare.
  • Friends and loved ones remember N’jai as someone who brought joy, love, and light wherever he went. They described him as compassionate and loving, and a mentor to many.

The search for Felix Louis N’jai is ongoing, and authorities continue to investigate the incident.

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