The Mother Of A Murdered Teenager Is Asking For A Change In Sentencing

The mother of a murdered adolescent has vowed that she “would not rest” until killers who utilize a weapon they find at the scene receive longer prison terms.

Thomas Griffiths, then 17 years old, fatally stabbed Wiltshire resident Ellie Gould with a kitchen knife in 2019. Carole Gould successfully lobbied for Ellie’s Law, which calls for harsher punishments for young murderers.

She now participates in the Killed Women initiative, which was started to address male violence against women. Griffiths attacked Ellie at her family’s Calne house because he couldn’t comprehend the girl wanted to end their relationship.

He received a minimum 12-and-a-half-year prison term, with the length of his sentence depending on his age at the time of the offense.

Griffiths entered our home and strangled Ellie while she was desperately trying to throw him off and scratching his face, according to Mrs. Gould.

“Then, after stabbing her 13 times in the neck with a knife, he casually left the house without saying a word. He received a 12-and-a-half-year sentence as a result, and she continued, “I won’t let it go until we have fair justice.”

According to Mrs. Gould, the Killed Women campaign will push for harsher punishments for those who commit murder using a weapon they did not bring to the site.

She uttered: “As of right now, the minimum sentence for a murder committed with a knife in the street is 25 years, according to the law.

“The minimum sentence for a murder committed while using a knife inside the home is 15 years. There is this ten-year gap.”

According to Mrs. Gould, most murders of women take place in the home. According to her, the disparity in sentencing guidelines “diminishes the worth of women’s life” and is “insulting.”

Following a review of the sentencing for domestic homicide, Mrs. Gould will consult with the Ministry of Justice in the coming year.

“Nothing less than a leveling up of these sentences,” she declared, would be tolerated.

The strength of Killed Women will come into play at this point, she continued, since we want the sanctions to be appropriate for the crime.

An official from the administration stated that combating domestic homicide was a “major priority”.

They claimed that in March, it had put more than £230 million into a plan to combat domestic abuse, including £140 million to aid victims and £81 million to deal with offenders.

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