The Remains of a Hiker Who Has Been Missing Since 1986 Have Been Recovered From a Receding Glacier

Hiker’s body was discovered in receding glacier; he had been missing since 1986. Human remains were found by climbers on the Theodul Glacier in the Swiss Alps on July 12, according to Swiss authorities.

Authorities have posted a photo showing a lone hiking boot and other gear dangling from the side of a glacier. The entire find, according to the authorities, was gathered and transported to the hospital for a forensic analysis.

Police reported that the hiker who disappeared in 1986 was genetically similar to the DNA found at the site. The 38-year-old German climber’s identity was kept secret. The area around the Matterhorn in the Alps has a high fatality rate. Between 1865 and 2011, an estimated 500 mountaineers perished on the Matterhorn.

The tweet below verifies the news:

As the world struggles to adapt to global warming, melting glaciers have become a major issue. Heat waves, dust storms, and increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide all contributed to a record year of melting in the Alps in 2022, according to the UN.

World Meteorological Organization secretary-general Petteri Taalas declared last year, “we have already lost the melting of the glaciers game.”

Taalas warned that the world’s freshwater supply could become scarce if nothing is done. He also noted that, despite progress in combating climate change, extreme weather resulting from greenhouse gas production could persist until the 2060s.

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