The Suspect In The Idaho College Murder May Have Killed Before, But He Is Unlikely To Be A Student

In a profile of the type of individual authorities may anticipate discovering accountability for the murders of four University of Idaho students, a retired FBI special agent stated that the suspect probably exhibited conduct that might be “clearly identified” in their neighborhood.

On “America Reports” on Wednesday, Jonathan Gilliam asserted, “I can assure you that the behavior that we saw portrayed in this murder was most likely an escalation. “And someone who has a history of really strange violent conduct or who has killed previously.”

In light of the lack of a motive or weapon in the murders four weeks later, Gilliam explained how behavioral analysis will aid authorities in finding suspects.

“We are aware that with these killers in the past, people have later remarked, “Well, he was pretty peculiar.” They were extremely violent or exuded a sense of menace. Simply put, we never considered reporting it “added he. And I believe that this is a person on whom the local populace in that area can reflect.

Gilliam offered his opinion on the use of a Ka-Bar knife, sometimes referred to as a “Rambo”-style knife, last month.

On “Fox & Friends First,” Gilliam stated, “That knife is basically a relic.” Except for those who acquired them when they left the military or were given them, “nobody really uses that knife.”

Gilliam remarked that the precise weapon is a vital hint aiding detectives in developing the likely suspect’s profile.

On Wednesday, Gilliam also talked about the design of the house where the killings took place. He asserted that knowing where the killer entered could provide more details about the killings because it appeared to be almost like two separate apartments.

“If they started upstairs, they would go on to the second individual before returning downstairs to complete their attacks. Additionally, they would likely be completely worn out and have transmitted the DNA from one person to the next by the time they reached the final individual “Gilliam said.

Killing with a knife, especially one this size, is a very physically demanding task that would quickly exhaust a person.

Gilliam added that he thinks the suspect is either not a college student or a “newer” student and emphasized the role behavioral analysis will play in locating a suspect and providing answers for the families and the Moscow community.

In his words, “This is a type of person who knows enough about society to not get into too much trouble, but somebody who has such a desire to kill that they actually lack empathy, the ability to sympathize for others, and many people would describe them as not having a conscience.”

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