The Suspect In The Overnight Yakima Shooting That Killed Three People Died Of A Noticeable Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound

According to the Yakima Police Chief, the suspect in the nighttime fatal shooting that left three persons dead in Yakima, Washington, committed suicide before dying.

Police Chief Matt Murray stated in a Tuesday night news conference that after receiving a 911 call from a woman who had lent the suspect her phone near a Target store in Yakima, police were directed to the suspect’s location.

According to the chief, officers responded right away and arrived on the scene quickly.

“The suspect presumably shot himself in the head before the police arrived. No one saw him do that, but officers heard the bullets, according to Murray.

According to Murray, who had earlier on Tuesday said that the suspect had been brought into custody, authorities tried to save his life but he was ultimately pronounced dead.

The chief stated, “I can say with pretty good confidence that we believe that this is the person who was engaged,” adding that authorities will need to go through the legal procedure of identifying the suspect.

According to a Facebook post, the police department had previously named Jarid Haddock, 21, a resident of Yakima County, as the “presumed homicide suspect.”

When they discovered the guy was near a Target store in Yakima, police already had a residence nearby encircled, the chief said.

According to Police Chief Matt Murray, the suspect there begged a woman to lend him her phone so he could call his mother and “made multiple damning admissions, including “I killed those people.”

According to Murray, the woman called 911 after overhearing the man declare his intention to commit suicide.

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