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Following a Stolen Police Car, the Suspect Jumped Onto the Roadway and Died

The Suspect Jumped Onto the Roadway and Died

The Suspect Jumped Onto the Roadway and Died

A man hijacked a CHP cruiser and led officers on a high-speed chase through Los Angeles County before plunging to his death from the moving car onto the 138 Freeway. The guy was unresponsive after he jumped from the cruiser at 45 mph in Antelope Valley and banged his head on the pavement.

Police removed him from traffic and immediately called for help. The CHP later confirmed through a spokesman that the suspect who had been taken to Antelope Valley Medical Center had been pronounced deceased there.

An accident in the Santa Clarita region served as the incident’s prologue. According to authorities, the suspect jumped into the running cruiser of the responding CHP officer and fled the scene. According to authorities, the man allegedly displayed a shotgun and assault rifle.

The Suspect Jumped Onto the Roadway and Died

The individual was said to have a history of mental illness. At speeds of above 100 mph, he sped north on the 5 Freeway before switching to the eastbound 138. A short time later, the suspect opened the driver’s side door and leaped out of the moving car at a speed of about 45 mph.

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When police arrived, he had fallen to the ground and was lying motionless. The cruiser then careened off the road and collided with a pair of utility poles. The police responded quickly and hauled him from the road to safety before attending to his medical needs.

According to a CHP spokeswoman, they hauled him away because they feared energized cables and power poles could fall onto the road from the arcing caused by the damage. After the arrival of paramedics, officers were observed conducting CPR on him in the road. No one knows the suspect’s name yet.

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