The Tallest Man In The World Celebrated His 40th Birthday With The Tallest Man Statue

The Tallest Man In The World Celebrated His 40th Birthday With The Tallest Man Statue: The tallest man in the world recently celebrated his 40th birthday, a rather significant milestone! Sultan Kösen went visited Orlando’s Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! to take pictures with a statue of the man who formerly held the position.

Kösen Enjoys A Birthday Party With A Fellow Giant

Kösen, who was born in 1982, was a typically-sized child until he was ten. After that, he experienced a disease called pituitary gigantism, which is caused by an excess of growth hormone, and developed at an amazing rate. Damage to Kösen’s pituitary gland led to the release of too much growth hormone, which led to his condition.

Kösen, who is 8 feet and 3 inches tall, traveled to Florida to celebrate his birthday from his native Turkey. He posed for a photograph with a large statue of Robert Wadlow while at Ripley’s museum.

Wadlow still holds the record for being the tallest person to have ever lived while no longer being the tallest man alive. Wadlow measured 8 feet 11.1 inches at his last measurement in 1940 when he was 22 years old. Soon after, he passed away.

How His Life Was Changed by Being the Tallest Man in the World

If You Believe It or Not! just 10 instances of a person standing 8 feet or taller have been verified. Kösen was the first person to surpass 8 feet when measured in 2009, more than 20 years ago.

I was born after that day, Kösen told Ripley’s, when I was named the tallest man in the world. I used to be quite silent before that. I can now speak. I’m glad. I’m humorous. Life is good to me.

Travel…And To Keep My Record is Kösen’s birthday wish. Kösen has benefited from international attention and the possibility to travel as a result of his distinction as the tallest man in the world. He has traveled to 127 nations so far. Kösen expressed his birthday wish to keep traveling when he blew out his candles at Ripley’s Orlando facility.

Kösen jokingly added, “And to preserve my record title. I intend to travel to the remaining nations I haven’t yet seen. I really hope nobody will be taller than me! He seems to be retaining his title of tallest man for a very long time!

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