What Happened in The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 Episode 3?

The third episode of Season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter, with head coaches Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, is now online. Team McGregor has yet to get their first win of the tournament.

On this week’s show, Team McGregor’s Aaron McKenzie will go up against Team Chandler’s Austin Hubbard, a UFC veteran who has already won a few big fights.

Those who pay for ESPN+ can watch TUF 31 whenever they want.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 Episode 3 Recap

The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 Episode 3

In TUF 31 Episode 3, Coach McGregor helps his fighter McKenzie prepare for a tough matchup against Hubbard. McGregor emphasizes the importance of grappling and taking Hubbard down. Both fighters have a connection through their LFA lightweight championship lineage.

McKenzie has a strong grappling background, training under Rafael Lovato Jr. at Lovato’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. McGregor admires McKenzie’s silent energy and gives him a lecture on pain management.

The tweet below shows the @TheNotoriousMMA preparing his team to battle:

Hubbard discusses the pressures of supporting his family and sees TUF as his chance at redemption. Coach Chandler believes Hubbard is better than McKenzie in all areas and sees him winning the fight.

The episode takes a detour to highlight a fan named Samuel Romero, who makes action figures. McGregor meets him and buys some of his figures for $1,200, creating a surreal moment for the kid.

The focus then shifts to the weigh-ins, where Hubbard weighs in at 156 pounds and McKenzie at 155.5 pounds. Both fighters are confident heading into the fight.

During the fight, McKenzie starts strong with striking volume but eventually goes for takedowns. Hubbard defends well and shows resilience. Momentum shifts when Hubbard lands a powerful uppercut, wobbling McKenzie and gaining top control to deliver damaging strikes.

The first round goes to Hubbard, and McKenzie needs to adjust in the second round. Despite taking damage in the first, McKenzie comes out aggressive. However, Hubbard reverses the position, gains top control, and continues his ground-and-pound assault. McKenzie is unable to escape or mount a comeback, leading to a clear victory for Hubbard.

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Hubbard wins the fight, advancing in the competition, while Team McGregor remains winless.

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