There Were 59 Dead Roosters Discovered in a Cockfighting Bust in Northern Nevada This Month, and 28 People Were Arrested

The Lyon County sheriff’s office said that more than two dozen people were arrested in rural northern Nevada in connection with an illegal cockfighting ring where 59 dead roosters were found in a barn in Silver Springs earlier this month.

On Friday, the sheriff said that 28 people are being charged with a crime. But no names or other information about the charges were made public.

The sheriff’s office said in an earlier statement that a deputy who was following up on an anonymous tip from Lyon County Animal Services saw roosters fighting in “an open-air barn” and “hand-to-hand wagering” on June 3 on a property in Silver Springs about 35 miles (56 kilometers) northeast of Carson City.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The sheriff’s office said that authorities found 96 more live chickens. Two of them were badly hurt and had injuries that were consistent with bird fights. They also found a lot of tools that are often used to fight animals.

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Three chickens were saved and given to new owners. The sheriff’s office said that the Nevada Department of Agriculture had to help put down a number of other fighting roosters.

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