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Two People Were Brutally Killed in Westbrook

These Two Kids Had to See This Two People Were Brutally Killed in Westbrook

On Monday night, there was a shooting in Westbrook that resulted in two deaths and one arrest. Two police officers said they witnessed a guy open fire and pursue the suspect after he shot a woman.

South Portland resident and suspect, 24-year-old Marcel Lagrange Jr., was tackled by a spectator, and the mob took the gun from him. Lagrange is being jailed without bail on two counts of murder charges.

On Wednesday, he will appear in court to face murder allegations. Brittney Cockrell, 37, and Michael Hayter, 41, both of Westbrook, are accused of being his victims. The couple’s two children, a boy aged 11 and a daughter aged 7, allegedly saw their parents murdered, according to the police.

“Someone’s dead, 100 percent, because there were multiple shots,” witness Keegan McLoy said. “All I hear is ‘bop, bop, bop’ at least 10 or 15 times. And then I ran down here.” A tiny, black pistol, as described by one witness, was used in the double killing that occurred in Westbrook at around 8:30 p.m.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The incident occurred in the lot at the intersection of Bridge and Main Streets. A surveillance camera pointed at the alleged shooter and his victims captured the entire incident on video. Asad Khlaif’s occupation took him to the Arabic world.

He claims to have witnessed a man in his mid-20s with a gun kill a man in a car while the man was wearing his seat belt, and then kill a lady as she exited the vehicle in an attempt to flee. He claims that many shots were fired at the two.

According to Khlaif’s translator, Omar Manahe, “He said five on the female and three on the male.” Khlaif claims he witnessed the gunman rush toward Main Street with police in pursuit while hearing children scream.

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The cries led him to discover that the victims had two young children riding shotgun. “There’s a couple in the front and two kids in the back,” Manahe remarked. They escaped unscathed.

Khalif and the other man helped the kids out of the car and tried to keep them from seeing the dead. “He says a big problem is the mom and the dad being killed in the shooting,” Manahe said. “And the biggest problem is that the two kids had to witness this.”

Major crime investigators have found no evidence linking Lagrange to the victims. Since 2018, Lagrange has been convicted of repeated assaults, criminal threats, and terrorizing, according to a state database. Call the state police if you know anything about these murders.

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