Thieves Accidentally Butt-dial 911 While Robbing Store in North Carolina

Police say that two thieves who broke into a factory in North Carolina accidentally called 911.

A post on the Monroe Police Department’s Facebook page says that when the call came in at about 3:30 a.m. on May 17, the dispatcher at first thought the caller was “in trouble.” The call came from a manufacturing shop, so officers were sent there.

The dispatcher then heard the caller talking with another person about what things would be “best to steal” and “most useful for them to take,” the post says.

One of the men could be heard saying at one point, “The cops are coming. “We have to get out of here,” said Lt. Steve Morton of the Monroe Police Department to McClatchy News.

The post below confirms the news:

The police department says that when officers got to the scene, they found one of the thieves still there. Morton said that the other guy, who investigators later found to be the one who “butt-dialed” 911, ran away from the scene.

Morton said that the guys had put around 60 metal beams into a vehicle. About $12,000 was how much the beams were worth.

The cops say that one of the men was arrested and charged with felony theft and possession of methamphetamine.

Morton said that the man who ran away from the scene was caught not long after. One count of illegal theft was brought against him. When the police talked to him, they found out that his phone had been in his pocket and that he had hit the emergency 911 button by mistake.

Morton said, “It was clear that it was a mistake.” “He wasn’t very happy.”

Morton said that each was given a $25,000 bond to get out of jail later.

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Morton said that after the guys were let go, one of them called the police to ask that the Facebook post about their arrest be taken down because it was “too embarrassing.”

About 25 miles south of Charlotte is the town of Monroe.

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