Threats Sent To Prosecutor In Kc Firefighter Shooting Case

After saying that the woman who shot and killed an off-duty Kansas City firefighter would not be charged because of Missouri’s “stand your ground” law, the top prosecutor in Jackson County got a lot of death threats.

Court records show that on October 6, a woman shot Anthony Santi in the back while he had a man in a headlock outside of a gas station. Later, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said they would not press criminal charges against the shooter because of Missouri’s laws about protecting yourself or someone else.

Threats Sent To Prosecutor In Kc Firefighter Shooting Case
Threats Sent To Prosecutor In Kc Firefighter Shooting Case

The office said in a news release that the prosecutor and other employees began getting a lot of threatening, racist, and sexist phone calls and voicemails on Monday.

One of the racist and sexist voicemails sent to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker was shared by the office of the prosecutor.

The caller said, “We’re going to burn your f—-ing house down.” “We’re coming for you like f—-.”

The killing
At the time, police said that Santi was shot around 2:30 p.m. on October 6 outside of a gas station in Independence.

According to court records, the off-duty firefighter stepped in when a customer, 23-year-old Ja’Von L. Taylor, got into an argument with a clerk who told him the gas station didn’t have the cigars he wanted. After Taylor was told he couldn’t buy anything, both the store clerk and Santi tried to tell him to leave.

Court records show that Taylor then “jumped away” from Santi and began making threats against him. Surveillance footage from the incident showed that the men took their fight outside, where Taylor reached into a white SUV and pulled out a gun.

Court documents say that the men then started fighting over the gun, which had an extended magazine. When Santi put Taylor in a headlock, a female passenger got out of the car, grabbed the gun, and pointed it at Santi, after first trying to stop the fight. He was later shot in the back by her.

Law called “Stand your ground”
In a news release on Monday, the Jackson County prosecutor’s office said more about what happened right before the shooting.

“Once outside, the facts show that the woman who fired the shot did so to protect the man who was being strangled,” they wrote.

A medically trained witness at the scene told police that Taylor was “totally defenseless” while being held by the head.

The person told police that Taylor couldn’t talk or breathe and was turning purple. He said that Taylor’s eyes started to roll back in his head.

The prosecutor’s office said that the witness thought he heard the man who was shot say to the man he was choking, “I’m killing you.”

The witnesses said that the woman with the gun begged Santi to stop as her hands shook. This is what the prosecutor’s office said.

“These statements and video evidence from the convenience store support the defense of others provision as written in Missouri law,” the office wrote Monday. “Because of this, as stated, Missouri’s self-defense and defense of others law required that this case be dropped,”

Court records show that after Santi was shot in the back, he let go of Taylor and walked back into the store, where he collapsed and died.

According to his death notice, Santi joined the Kansas City Fire Department in 2011. As a firefighter and EMT, he was “committed to helping people in his role.”

His daughter was what made him happy.

Even though the woman was not charged, Taylor was charged in U.S. District Court in Kansas City for allegedly having a gun while being a convicted felon.


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