Unsolved Tragedy: Three Elderly Individuals Fatally Stabbed in Newton Home

Three elderly individuals were reportedly slain in a residence on Broadway Street in the Nonantum section of Newton on Sunday morning, prompting a high state of alert. Marian Ryan, the district attorney for Middlesex County, has stated that the victims of the home invasion were stabbed and also suffered from blunt force trauma.

“We are asking people to remain vigilant,” Ryan said. “This is the night to lock your doors and windows even if you do not normally do that.” Someone who knew the victims contacted 911 at 10:14 a.m. on Sunday to report that three elderly people had been found dead in the home. Those responsible for the deaths remain at large.

A home on Brookside Avenue, roughly a half mile from the Broadway residence, was broken into early on Sunday morning. Whether or not the two events are connected is currently unknown. Ryan also urged locals to report any suspicious activity to the Newton Police Department. Don’t tell us about that in the morning! The call is on Ryan, he said.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The police are asking residents of Nonantum and Newtonville to review their surveillance footage and report anything suspicious. The police presence will escalate until the suspect(s) are apprehended. One neighbor who is familiar with the family stated, “You never know what’s going to happen to us,” but she did not want to go on camera because she was afraid for their safety.

A neighbor did confirm to WBZ that the three murder victims are related. “I knew the whole family. They’re very close,” the neighbor said. The identities of the three victims remain unknown. Two of the deaths, according to Ryan, were a married couple commemorating their golden wedding anniversary.

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Neighbors were concerned that the victims’ absence from Sunday’s service would send a message to the community that they were not okay. “These were churchgoing people. The only reason they were found is because they weren’t in church and somebody came to see if they were OK,” neighbor Robin Dickey said.

On Sunday, as authorities attempted to determine what had occurred in the Newton residence, a local priest offered consolation to the neighborhood. Chief John Carmichael of the Newton Police Department has announced the deployment of more officers and dispatchers.

“I am very concerned with such a violent crime taking place and whereas this individual, individuals are still at large,” Carmichael said. “We do really emphasize again be vigilant, pay attention to what is happening in the neighborhoods.”

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