Three People Have Been Detained After a Carjacking in Oakland Was Caught on Camera

Two males and a child were arrested on Thursday in connection with a string of armed carjackings in Oakland, one of which was caught on dashcam footage.

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Police said they followed the suspects’ car from E. 12th Street and 26th Avenue in Oakland to San Leandro, where the three alleged carjackers abandoned the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot before being captured. Police have not been able to identify the suspects.

The individuals were identified by police as being involved in multiple carjackings and an attempted carjacking of a woman on Skyline Boulevard in the Oakland hills last week. The terrifying encounter was captured on the victim’s dashcam as she attempted to escape.

The tweet below verifies the news:

The dashcam footage shows a white Dodge Charger halting in the road to prevent the woman’s car from passing. The driver jumped out of the Dodge Charger and went toward the woman’s vehicle while holding a gun. At the same time, another man ran out of the right side of the Charger and toward the victim’s car.

Fearful encounter described as “the guy jumped out, ran towards me with a gun,” as the woman told KTVU. She took swift action in her attempt to flee, saying, “I punched it, I ran around their car, and I drove away as fast as I could to try to get someplace safe.”

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She made a quick right onto Keller Avenue and was free to go. Tompkins Avenue, Crestmont, Sequoyah Heights, and Piedmont Avenue Southeast are all areas where police suspect the three were involved in criminal activity.

The suspects are also linked to a another incident that occurred at 9 p.m. on Sunday in the 12100 block of Skyline Boulevard.

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