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Tiger Woods Net Worth: How Tiger Woods Changed the Endorsement Game for Athletes?

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods is, without a doubt, a legendary sports figure.

There is evidence that when Tiger hits 50 in a few years, he will become a regular on golf’s senior tour, even though his career on the PGA Tour appears to be ended. Meanwhile, he can continue to enjoy his comfortable life with his family, numerous possessions, and leisure activities.

Below is a glimpse into Tiger’s excellent existence.

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Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods, a professional golfer from the United States, has a $1 billion fortune. Tiger makes between $50 and $60 million annually. For instance, he made $63 million between June 2019 and 2020. Tiger has made over $1.8 billion since he turned professional in 1996.

His lifetime profits are well over $2 billion when adjusted for inflation. For a long time, he was not just the highest-paid celebrity in the world but also the highest-paid golfer in history.

How Tiger Woods Changed the Endorsement Game for Athletes?

The 29th of August, 1996, marked Tiger’s first round of professional golf. On April 13, 1997, 228 days later, he was crowned The Masters champion. The 21-year-old golfer inked a 5-year, $40 million deal with Nike and a 5-year, $20 million pact with Titleist after winning The Masters.

The following month, on May 20, 1997, Tiger signed a 5-year, $30 million agreement with American Express, the day after he won the Byron Nelson Classic (the first tournament he joined after being the youngest player ever to win The Masters).

His lifetime earnings of $100 million come from the American Express arrangement and from Nike, Titleist, and tournament victories. In other words, after being professional, Tiger made $100 million in just eight months (264 days). Earlier in his career, in 2003, LeBron James inked a seven-year, $90 million contract with Nike.

Tiger’s second contract with Nike began in September of 2000. It was a 5-year, $20 million contract worth $100 million. So, Tiger made $140 million from Nike between 1997 and 2005. Over those seven years, he probably made a little over $200 million from all of his deals.

How Much Does Nike Pay Tiger Woods?

According to Golf Digest, Woods signed a $40 million, five-year contract with Nike in 1996.

He extended his contract with Nike for another five years and reportedly earned $100 million in 2000.

Woods’s dad, Earl, commented to ABC News then, “The value Nike received on the first contract caused me to conclude that it would be chump change.” Tiger’s future contracts will be worth far more than this one, as his popularity continues to rise.

Reportedly signed in 2006, a contract renewal for 2013 is expected to have earned around $200 million.

Nike supported Woods through his cheating scandal, divorce, injuries, and surgeries, keeping him away from the Masters until his official return in April 2018.

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Tiger Woods’ Luxury Yacht: The $25 Million “Privacy”

After his breakup and divorce from Elin, Tiger built a large new mansion on 12 acres of seaside land in Jupiter, Florida. The home was valued at $60,000,000 when it was finished. The property’s value may now be between $75.0 million and $100.00 million.

The resort has at least four swimming pools, an oxygen therapy area, and a practicing golf course. The expansive complex features a swimming pool, a diving pool, a kiddie pool, a reflection pool, and a water feature.

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