Tommy Hanson Cause of Death: Cocaine and Alcohol Caused Death of Tommy Hanson

The sports world was shaken on November 9, 2015, when former Major League Baseball pitcher Tommy Hanson passed away at the age of 29. Hanson’s death was a devastating blow to the baseball community, as he was a talented player with a promising career ahead of him.

However, the cause of his untimely death shed light on the dark and destructive consequences of substance abuse. This article explores the circumstances surrounding Tommy Hanson’s cause of death and serves as a reminder of the dangers of addiction.

Tommy Hanson’s Cause of Death

Following Hanson’s passing, an autopsy revealed that he had suffered catastrophic organ failure caused by the combined effects of cocaine and alcohol.

It was a heartbreaking revelation that shed light on the dangerous consequences of substance abuse. The toxic combination had ravaged his body, leading to a shocking and untimely end to a promising career and a young life.

In the wake of Hanson’s passing, the baseball community came together to mourn his loss and reflect on the need for increased awareness and support for mental health and addiction issues within the sport. His story sparked conversations about the pressures faced by professional athletes and the need for comprehensive programs to address these challenges.

The Rise of a Promising Talent

Tommy Hanson’s story began with immense promise. Born on August 28, 1986, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hanson grew up with a love for baseball.

He honed his skills in high school and caught the attention of scouts, eventually leading to his selection by the Atlanta Braves in the 22nd round of the 2005 MLB Draft. His rise through the minor leagues was swift, and in 2009, Hanson made his debut in the major leagues, captivating fans with his impressive pitching abilities.

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Tommy Hanson’s Struggles and Downfall

Tommy Hanson Cause of Death

Unfortunately, behind the scenes, Hanson was battling personal demons that ultimately led to his tragic demise. In the years leading up to his death, he faced numerous challenges, including injuries, a decline in performance, and struggles with substance abuse.

While it’s unclear when exactly his addiction issues began, reports suggest that drug and alcohol abuse played a significant role in his downward spiral.

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