Trevor Milton Net Worth: Why Did He Resign From Nikola?

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Trevor Milton Early Life

When Trevor Milton was a little boy, his family uprooted and headed west, eventually settling in Las Vegas, Nevada. But in 1990 they made the trip back to Utah.

After graduating high school, he went on a church mission to Brazil for 18 months, where he picked up fluency in Portuguese. After only one semester at Utah Valley State University, he decided to leave and instead establish an alarm sales company in St. George, Washington County, Utah under the name St. George Security and Alarm.

Milton’s birthplace in Layton, Utah. When Trevor was 15 years old, his mother, a real estate agent, passed away from cancer. His father is a retired executive from Union Pacific Railroad. executive chairman of Nikola Corporation.

In September 2020, Milton resigned from his position as chairman after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice began an investigation.

Trevor Milton Career

Trevor Milton Career

In 2001, Trevor Milton took the plunge into business ownership by founding an alarm sales company. He left the company at some point, claiming to have received $300,000, however his former business partner maintains that he actually received far less.

He subsequently attempted to sell pre-owned automobiles through an online classified ads website, which he ultimately found to be a disastrous failure. After that, Milton started a company named dHybrid, Incorporation, which focuses on hybrid electric vehicles.

After he and Swift Transportation agreed to a Truck Conversion Contract in 2012, his company saw a huge financial boost. After that, Milton established dihybrid Systems, which were quite similar to his earlier venture except that they specialized in the development of infrastructure for the storage of natural gas and hydrogen.

Worthington Industries has acquired a hybrid. In 2015, Milton and his brother Travis invested $2 million to launch Nikola Motor Company.

Trevor Milton Net Worth

Trevor Milton net worth is $600 million. He is widely recognized as a co-founder of Nikola, an electric truck manufacturer. As rumors of investor fraud persisted after Trevor’s September 2020 resignation, he decided to leave the company. He is often held up as an example of Elon Musk.

For the sake of his sales and marketing job, Milton decided to forego his college education. He established an alarm-systems-selling enterprise, which he later left for $300,000. After establishing a successful online used-car marketplace, he founded hybrid, Inc., a manufacturer of eco-friendly hybrid automobiles.

In 2015, Trevor Milton established Nikola Motor Company in Utah; the company later relocated to Phoenix. In June 2020, he reverse-IPOed the business, which means a private firm bought out a public one.

Nikola was worth about $30 billion a week after coming public. Despite never having produced a single automobile, the company’s valuation briefly surpassed Ford’s despite its meager income.

A total of $36,000 was reported as revenue for the company in the second quarter of 2020, all of which came from a single installation cost for solar panels at one of Trevor Milton’s properties. Trevor, who owns 40% of the company’s equity, has a net worth that fluctuates between $10 billion and $12 billion.

He purchased a 2,670-acre ranch in Utah for $32.5 million in 2019. It was the most expensive house ever acquired in the state of Utah.

Trevor Milton Resignation

By 2020, Trevor had resigned from Nikola after being accused of fraud. A marketing film created years ago to entice investors allegedly demonstrated a Nikola truck moving autonomously with an electric motor.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that the truck was going downward with no power at all. While Milton was 18, one of his female relatives, then 15, accused him of indecent touching. The accusation was refuted by Milton.

When Trevor resigned, he gave up $166 million in shares and a consulting contract for $20 million over two years. However, he was allowed to walk away with over 92 million shares of the corporation, which were valued at more than $3 billion at the time of his resignation. Trevor has sold shares worth at least $300 million in the years following his resignation.

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