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Troops Kill Suspect in Albany Gunfire on the Thruway!

Shooting in Albany

Two state troopers attempted to stop the suspect’s vehicle near Exit 15 on the Thruway as he proceeded south, and the suspect was killed in a gun battle with them. The shooting occurred on Wednesday on Hudson Avenue in Albany.

Around 1 p.m., close to Quail Street, a man was shot and seriously injured; shortly after, on the Thruway, a tragic confrontation occurred. The victim is reportedly in critical condition at Albany Medical Center Hospital, according to the city police.

The suspect in the shooting in Albany was driving a four-door white Mercedes with tinted windows and black wheel rims, according to a police alert. The car’s license plate belonged to Florida. State Police subsequently pulled over a car that fit that description as it was traveling south on the Thruway in the town of Ramapo, Rockland County.

According to a press release from the state police, the offender “opened fire on troopers and troopers discharged their division-issued firearms striking the suspect,” resulting in the suspect’s death. A trooper was wounded, but just slightly.

Despite police in Albany stating that the victim from the shooting on Hudson Street remained in serious condition on Wednesday evening, the release stated that the driver was a suspect in a homicide. Just before three o’clock in the afternoon, gunfire erupted on the Thruway. In his car, the suspect was driving alone.

During a news conference outside the headquarters of the Albany Police Department on Wednesday evening, Chief Eric Hawkins thanked the Capital Region Crime Analysis Center, State Police, and Albany police for their rapid response in identifying the suspect’s vehicle, following his movements, and eventually apprehending him as he drove over 115 miles south of Albany on the Thruway.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan also expressed her gratitude to the Albany police department. The Hudson Avenue shooting was responded to by city police officers in a matter of minutes, according to Hawkins. They wasted no time in gathering information that would lead them to the description of the suspect’s vehicle and the direction he was traveling.

As the suspect drove east toward the Thruway, analysts utilized cameras strategically placed around the city to monitor his whereabouts. “In those instances where we have these individuals who are creating or causing this chaos in our city, then we have the partnerships and we have the resources now to go after these individuals and bring these individuals to justice,” Hawkins said.

“This is what the partnerships among law enforcement agencies is all about. And we’re sending a message, you know, when these heinous acts of violence are occurring in our city, this is our response.” 

Pictures shared online On Wednesday afternoon, a scene unfolded on the Thruway’s departure lane: the suspect’s lifeless body, encircled by police cars and emergency response vehicles. Detours were put in place to avoid the area.

“This is an example of what we are doing about violence in our cities,” Sheehan said. “This is an example of what New York state is doing about violence in our cities. It’s investments like these that are allowing us to get dangerous people off the streets.” Authorities did not immediately reveal the names of the victim and suspect in the shooting on Hudson Avenue.

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