Trump Hates It When Anyone Else Uses His Name To Make Money

Those exploiting the Trump name include, of course, Trump himself, who has been accused of not paying his workers, stiffing his own lawyers, paying $25 million to settle a fraud lawsuit against his sham university, leaving real estate investors on the hook for failed projects, and rolling out a litany of gimmicks and failed products, as well as redirecting money from his children’s cancer charity to his own company—a company so steeped in grift that it devoted an entire spreadsheet to it

His campaign organization spent almost $12 million on Trump assets and products, including $5,000 on “Trump Ice” water six years after it had been withdrawn. Incredibly, his daughter and son-in-law earned up to $640 million during their time in the White House.

The arrogance of some of his closest acolytes to fling stones at each other for profiting off the Trump name appears a touch excessive. However, individuals vying for a position in Trump’s inner circle have discovered that this tactic is effective with the former president.

A senior Trump adviser stated that the former president is aware of those in his entourage who profit from the Trump brand. Additionally, he observes who was present, who will be present, and why they are present.
AMMC was founded in response to Parscale’s twin duties as campaign manager and media broker, according to a senior Trump adviser who spoke to The Daily Beast.

“After 2016, the campaign attorneys came in and essentially stated they were nervous about Brad’s dual responsibilities as campaign manager and payment clearinghouse,” the aide added. “They suggested forming a separate business to manage the finances, and Brad and Jared [Kushner] thought that was a good idea… for transparency and also because Brad was tired of catching crap at that point.”


That was however 2020. According to Trump’s own advisers, the post-reign has been just as replete with corruption as it was during his presidency.

One top Trump adviser added, “You can’t forget Charlie Kirk,” while another adviser named Kirk as one of the biggest con artists in Trump’s orbit.

After founding the conservative student organization Turning Point USA, Kirk ascended to MAGA celebrity. Now, some within Trump’s orbit believe that Kirk and TPUSA are identifying themselves with the previous president in order to “cash in”

One of the insiders expressed surprise and irritation at the conservative group’s “sheer profit” from adopting a standard Trumpworld fundraising line: “We just spoke with the president.”

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