Trump is having a hard time finding qualified attorneys who are still willing to represent him.

The Washington Post reports that former President Donald Trump is having problems hiring an attorney to defend him.

The Post spoke with numerous attorneys who discussed Trump’s difficulty in hiring an experienced counsel to defend him on the condition of anonymity. A Republican attorney commented to The Post, “Everyone is saying no,” on the trend of legal representation being declined by the Trump team.

Another lawyer, also speaking anonymously, detailed the challenges of representing Trump. It was reported that President Trump, despite the advice of his legal staff, would tweet about the Mueller investigation. The Post reports that several other people have complained to them about how difficult it is to do business with Trump and how uncertain they are of getting paid.



“In the past, he boasted that having a company represent him was a great marketing opportunity. As of right now, it’s not the same,” former Trump lawyer turned outspoken Trump opponent Michael Cohen made the remarks.

As an added complication, Cohen said, “He’s also a very difficult client in that he’s always pushing the envelope, he rarely listens to reasonable legal advice, and he wants you to do things that are not right, ethically or legally.”

According to Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, attorneys Jim Trusty and Evan Corcoran are part of Trump’s legal team. The two men have “decades of prosecutorial expertise” and have “litigated some of the most difficult cases in American history,” he said.

Any claim that President Trump isn’t being represented by top-tier legal talent is motivated by envy, according to Budowich.

Trusty and Corcoran, along with New Jersey parking garage lawyer Alina Habba and former One America News anchor Christina Bobb, are currently representing Trump.

Among the many significant legal issues, Trump has faced this year is an inquiry into possible financial fraud, tax evasion, and insurance and banking law violations on the part of the Trump Organization in New York. During his deposition in the case, Trump took the fifth amendment more than 440 times.


The Department of Justice is looking into whether Trump improperly handled classified documents, which may lead to criminal penalties for the president. On Monday, the FBI removed eleven sets of secret paperwork from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, some of which were labeled “top secret” and related to nuclear weapons. The warrant states that the Justice Department is investigating whether or not Trump violated three separate federal statutes, one of which is the Espionage Act.

Insider’s request for comment to Trump’s post-presidential press office was not met with an immediate response.

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