Trump Says That Ukraine And Taiwan Could Lead To World War III

On Tuesday, former President Trump expressed concern that World War III could break out over Ukraine or Taiwan, calling the current era “a very awful and extremely dangerous time” due to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to release nuclear weapons.

Trump was recently interviewed on 77 WABC radio, and the host, John Catsimatidis, inquired as to what “keeps you up at night.”

Trump Says That Ukraine And Taiwan Could Lead To World War Iii.
Trump Says That Ukraine And Taiwan Could Lead To World War Iii.

The events in Ukraine, he argued, were “more responsible than anything else” for the possibility of World War III.

Considering what you know about China and what’s going on in Taiwan, it seems inevitable that this will occur in the former.

At the same time, Trump made reference to Putin’s speech from last week in which he threatened to “use all the instruments at our disposal to safeguard Russia and our people.”

Trump has remarked that the power of nukes makes this the most dangerous period in recent memory or possibly ever.

It’s a bad moment for a large country that’s on par with us in terms of nuclear power to be using the word “nuclear” carelessly. What can only be described as “a very dreadful and very hazardous time for the globe”

Also, Trump agreed with Catsimatidis that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine earlier this year if he were still president.

He and I got along great. Yes, we did have a conversation. “I understand him,” Trump remarked of the Russian leader. In all likelihood, he grasped what I was saying. I had a good grasp on him, though, and I knew he never would have acted in such a way.

During the 20-minute conversation, Trump criticized the bungled US departure from Afghanistan last year and went on the offensive against President Biden without naming him.

Some things just don’t add up,” he remarked.

A rational person would never support inflation. Completely pointless. Oil was to blame for that. Why? Because of how much we spend on energy. Everything seems to be a factor now. Forget about that; we’ve moved on.

We have millions of people coming into our country,” Trump continued, adding that “open borders don’t make sense.”

Many of them have been in jails in many different nations, and we have no idea where they came from,” he stated.

It’s safe to assume that these inmates have become hardened and violent behind bars.

Trump stated, in response to Catsimatidis’s mention of fentanyl, “I think what’s occurred is the figure is a lot greater than that.” Fentanyl was responsible for a record 107,622 overdose deaths in 2021.

His estimate was 250,000.

And that doesn’t even account for all the families that have been shattered by the narcotics that have come across the southern border.

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