Trump Wants an Expert to Analyze Mar-a-lago Records

On Monday, attorneys for former President Donald Trump sought a federal judge to block the FBI from examining documents seized from his Florida resort earlier this month until a neutral special master can be appointed to examine the files.

The request was included in Trump’s first federal complaint filed in the two weeks since the search, which broadly targets the FBI investigation into the finding of classified data at Mar-a-Lago and foreshadows arguments his lawyers are anticipated to make as the investigations continue.


Since Trump left office, the government has reportedly recovered over 300 secret documents from Mar-a-Lago, with the National Archives alone retrieving over 150 of them in January. This is what sparked the criminal inquiry, according to The New York Times.

In the suit, the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago on August 8—during which the agency claims to have found 11 boxes of secret documents—is painted as a “extremely forceful act.” Trump’s lawyers believe that the FBI and Justice Department have treated him “unfairly” for a long time, and they accuse the FBI of abusing its authority by issuing an unduly broad request.

The police force serves as a protective shield for the United States. The attorneys stated on Monday that it could not be used as a political weapon. We are “therefore seeking judicial assistance in the aftermath of an extraordinary and unnecessary raid” at Mar-a-Lago.

Despite not providing evidence to back up his allegation, Trump added in a subsequent statement that “ALL materials have been previously declassified” and that the data were “illegally seized from my house.” The Department of Justice released a short three-paragraph response, explaining that a federal judge had approved the search because the FBI had provided sufficient evidence of criminal activity.

The filing asks for the appointment of an impartial special master to review the Mar-a-Lago records and redact any communications that are protected by executive privilege.

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