Two Facility Directors Were Recently Sacked Following the Discovery of Suspicious Fatalities

In a significant turn of events, the investigation into the suspicious deaths at Praxis Landmark Recovery, a drug rehabilitation facility in St. Joseph County, has taken a decisive step forward. The local executive director and the Director of Nursing have been dismissed from their positions, signaling a response to the mounting concerns surrounding the facility’s operations.

This development came just a day after the St. Joseph County Sheriff publicly urged the state of Indiana to revoke Praxis Landmark Recovery’s license. The call for such a measure highlights the gravity of the situation and the urgency to address potential issues within the center.

The Sheriff’s criticism of the management and staff at the facility for their lack of cooperation in ongoing criminal investigations has added further weight to the unfolding scenario. Authorities are determined to shed light on any suspicious activities that may have contributed to the unfortunate deaths of individuals seeking help and treatment at the center.

In response to the growing concerns and ongoing investigations, the corporation’s top leadership has announced that they will be overseeing the facility around the clock. This move is likely aimed at ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to proper protocols in handling patients’ well-being.

To ensure the safety and well-being of current patients, Praxis Landmark Recovery has temporarily halted the admission of new patients at their Mishawaka location. This decision reflects the seriousness of the situation and the commitment to address any potential risks promptly.

As investigations continue, the community and authorities alike are hopeful that these measures will lead to a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the suspicious deaths and pave the way for necessary reforms and improvements within the drug rehabilitation facility.

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