Two Indianapolis Police Officers Discuss Their Experience Finding A Lost Newborn Pair

Shawn Anderson and Sgt. Richard El was aware that time was running out. The urgency was evident when kidnapping suspect Nalah Jackson was taken into custody in Indianapolis on Thursday afternoon without infant Kason Thomas.

I just prayed to God to help us find him because I knew what the storm would bring, Sgt. Anderson said.

The two officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spent the majority of their shift that day looking for the child because an Indiana BOLO alert had been issued.

Since Monday night, when he and his twin brother Kyair were abducted from their running car outside of the Donatos in the Short North, Kason had been missing. The following day, Kyair was located at the Dayton International Airport. Kason, however, was still missing.

Sgt. El said, “You kind of get this feeling that maybe time is running out or whatever the case may be.” Therefore, I believe that trying to find him was pretty urgent.

They wouldn’t discover baby Kason until right before their shift was over. He was discovered in front of an Indianapolis Papa John’s. The baby was most likely left alone in the car since Tuesday morning when the car was first spotted there, a worker there told 10TV’s Indianapolis sister station.

Although he was cold when they discovered him, Sgt. El noted that the man was conscious, breathing, and making some small movements. His wide-open eyes were simply trying to take it all in.

Images of Sgt. Anderson holding the infant in his arms quickly went viral on the Internet.

He remarked, “It was amazing how composed Kason was. He wasn’t weeping, but he was alert and perceptive. And just by holding him, I could tell that he had a sense of security and assurance that everything would be alright.

Kason visited the hospital to be examined, and his family informed 10TV on Friday that he was progressing as predicted.

Jackson is scheduled to appear in court on Saturday morning in Marion County, Indiana. She is also facing a new charge of felony battery by the bodily waste in that jurisdiction for reportedly spitting on a cop while being jailed, in addition to the local kidnapping accusation.

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