Two Infant Girls Found Lifeless in Streeterville Child Care Center Bathroom

Two infant girls were discovered unresponsive in a child care facility toilet on the Northwestern Medicine campus in Streeterville on Thursday evening. It was reported to police that two infant girls were discovered in a bathroom at the Bernice Lavin Early Childhood Education Center in the 400 block of East Ontario Street just before 7 p.m.

A janitor was hired to clean up some blood and allegedly discovered the babies in a garbage bag while doing so. At Lurie Children’s Hospital, doctors confirmed the death of the twin daughters. As of Friday afternoon, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office had not concluded their inquiry into the cause of death.

The facility issued a statement saying that a member of staff “experienced a medical emergency that resulted in the unanticipated delivery of newborn twin babies.” Northwestern Medicine emphasized that the woman who gave birth was not an employee, despite the fact that the child care center is exclusively for Northwestern Medicine staff.

She has a job at the Bright Horizons daycare, which offers its workers counseling services. A Northwestern spokesperson added in a separate statement that, “no daycare children were involved or impacted by the situation. The Chicago Fire and Police Departments were called. We are working with CPD regarding this incident and [are] unable to comment further at this time.”

Northwestern’s representative said he was unable to further because the hospital is cooperating with Chicago Police Department investigators. The daycare has announced that they would provide counseling services for staff members and their loved ones.

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“We ask for support and respect for everyone involved at this time as we grieve together and work to support each other and any ensuing investigation,” a spokesperson said in an email. The investigators from Area 3 had a case to look into.

A spokeswoman for the Police Department has confirmed a fatality is being investigated but has declined to further on whether or not the investigation is criminal in nature. By Friday afternoon, law enforcement had not been able to apprehend anyone.

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