Two Injured in Downtown Portland Shooting With Rapid Succession of 6 Gunshots

Two people were injured by a barrage of gunfire in downtown Portland on Friday night, and investigators are still looking for the shooter.

Both victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance following the incident at SW 12th and Columbia, according to officials. One was wounded by a bullet to the torso, while the other was grazed. Both should make a full recovery.

In their Southwest Portland apartment, Haley Marcus and her boyfriend Terrence said they were unwinding when they first heard one gunshot, followed by several others.

Haley recalled the shootings as being “probably 6 shots right after, like, 6 more gunshots, and they were just super-consecutive, like, ‘boom, boom, boom, boom,'”

They claimed that when they went outside, they saw what they believed to be the two victims walking up the street.

Victim’s Condition Unknown

“He had somebody with him that was helping him walk. And he just said, ‘Come on, let’s keep walking.’ That’s all I got. Because they made it right past the corner before I could even see if he was alright or nothing,” Terrence said.

Haley said one was “kind of like hunching over walking, like, in this direction. And then when we just went up there to watch. They had, like, an ambulance and everything. So, we’re just guessing that that had to have been a victim of some sort.”

She said she tried to call the police. “Of course, I’m like, ‘I bet a billion people right now are trying to call the police.’ And so, they got here quick enough, so hopefully they find whatever they need to find and then hopefully the person is OK.”

Despite a decline in shootings, data reveal that the city still has a long way to go.

According to data from the Portland Police Bureau, there were 268 fewer gunshots between January and March 2023 than there had been the previous year (392 shootings). Data for April and this portion of May are still pending.

But at this stage in the year, there are much more gunshots than there were during the same period in 2019–2020. There were 102 shootings through March 2019 and 111 shootings through March 2020.

The victims’ names have not been made public. There is no description of the suspect. The investigation is still ongoing and in progress.

PPB requests that anyone with information get in touch with them at [email protected] and mention case number 23-117241.

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