Two Men Smashed The Front Door Of A Home And Shot 3 People Inside

On Sunday afternoon, there were three persons shot inside a residence in the North Philadelphia neighborhood. The incident reportedly took place at approximately 12:45 p.m. on the 1800 block of West Diamond Street, where police believe it occurred during a home invasion.

According to the authorities, two individuals broke into the home using force and shot three people who were inside the residence.

According to the police, a 15-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after she was shot multiple times in the leg. Her condition is currently unchanging.

At approximately one in the afternoon, a man in his 20s who had been shot in the back of the head was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A second adult male in his 20s was also injured, this time by gunshots to the chest, shoulder, and leg. After being taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and placed in intensive care.

According to the authorities, the suspects drove away in a white Chevrolet.

Through its notification system on Twitter, Temple University has broadcast a warning to the public.

CBS3 was later informed by Temple police that “On the 1800 block of West Diamond, a TUalert was issued because there was a shooting. Despite the fact that this occurs outside of the patrol zone and is unrelated to TU at this time, we nonetheless felt it necessary to send out the alert because of its close vicinity.”

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, nothing was taken from the house, as reported by CBS3.

The shooting is being looked into at this time. There were no weapons that were found.

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