Two People Arrested After 11 People Shot During 21st Birthday Party In Huntsville

Two People Arrested After 11 People Shot During 21st Birthday Party In Huntsville: Over the weekend, a 21st birthday celebration at Legacy Events resulted in a tragic shooting.

According to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), two of the 11 people that were shot at Legacy Events on Highway 72 East close to Ryland Pike have died.

A suspect in an attempted murder in Florence is deemed “incompetent” to stand trial.
According to the authorities, Kaitlyn Jenkins, 20, and Quantasia Grant, 20, both passed away at the scene. At the hospital in Huntsville, three more people are still in critical condition.

Jenkins attended Alabama A&M University as a student. When her identity was made public, the institution issued the next statement:

The family of Alabama A&M University mourns the loss of Kaitlyn Jenkins, a student there who was recently killed along with another 20-year-old woman at an off-campus birthday party event that took place over the weekend.

The families of Ms. Jenkins and Ms. Quantasia Grant, as well as those hurt in what law enforcement officials have deemed “reckless” behavior, are all given our sincere condolences. For students and other school workers seeking support in coping with the loss, the university will offer counseling and other mourning services throughout this week.

According to Sheriff Turner, two people have been taken into custody in relation to the incident. They were identified as DeMarcus Thompson, 19, and Ashton Elliot, 20. The two of them are accused of two counts of felony reckless murder.

On Saturday night, at about 11:30 p.m., the shooting took place. Deputies discovered several persons shot and the two women who had been declared dead when they arrived.

Don Webster, a spokesman for HEMSI, informed News 19 that only four patients were taken by ambulance to Huntsville Hospital; the others were taken there in private vehicles. Sheriff Turner claimed that some gunshot victims unintentionally “cracked” their cars into Huntsville Hospital on the way there.

Investigators found that numerous individuals at the birthday celebration had “ongoing difficulties,” which ultimately resulted in the shooting. According to the MCSO, several people had shotguns during the shooting, and detectives are still trying to identify each individual.

Over 200 shot casings were found by crime scene investigators in the building, the parking lot, and the street. Numerous handgun and rifle calibers were contained in the shells.

As the investigation goes forward, Sheriff Turner anticipates additional people being taken into custody.

Call the MCSO at 256-722-7181 if you have any information on the shooting.

In honor of Quantasia Grant and to assist with the costs of returning her remains to her hometown of Sarasota, Florida, her family has created a gofundme website. You can access that page by clicking this link.

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