Two People Were Critically Injured in a Car Blast in a Possible Criminal Act in Lod

Police in Israel’s central city of Lod are treating two car bomb injuries as criminal in character rather than terrorist related. According to police, they have begun looking into the bombing that left three persons injured (two seriously and one lightly). Based on what we know so far, the three were in the car when it exploded.

The central Israeli city of Lod is a mixed Arab-Jewish community, and at around midnight on Sunday, police received a phone reporting a car explosion on Micha Reisser Boulevard. A car is shown completely engulfed in flames in videos taken at the scene, with onlookers looking on.

Two males in their thirties were found outside the car by responding medical personnel, who reported that both men were alert and alerted to the fact that they had sustained multiple system injuries. The two were transferred to the Shamir Medical Center in Beer Yaakov, also known as Assaf Harofeh Hospital, where their conditions were described as critical.

Two Seriously Hurt in Car Blast in Lod (3)

According to a statement released by the MDA, medic Mandi Amitai described the scene as chaotic when they arrived and observed an on fire vehicle that had been completely demolished. “Two males, both around 30 years old, were sprawled out in front of the vehicle.

They were awake and had multiple organ systems compromised; we administered life-saving care on the spot before rushing them to the hospital. Authorities have stated that inquiries into “what looks to be a criminal occurrence” have been initiated by officers at the scene.

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