Two Teenagers Killed Outside Of High School In Chicago

In a shooting on Friday on the West Side of Chicago, two children were killed and two more were injured.

According to authorities, the shooting took place outside Benito Juarez High School at around 2:30 p.m., right before classes were finished for the day, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

According to officials, one youngster died upon arriving at Stroger Hospital, and another boy died after being taken there in a “traumatic arrest.” At the hospital, two additional teenagers, a boy, and a girl had less serious conditions, according to officials.

Police were informed that a suspect fleeing north of Ashland Avenue on Cermak Road while wearing a black North Face jacket, sweatshirt, and mask was spotted.

After the gunshot, Juarez was placed under lockdown, but police issued an all-clear at about 3:30 p.m.

Several of the school’s social studies teachers stayed outside as students were permitted to depart and checked in with them.

One of the teachers, who has worked as a teacher at the school for eight years, stated, “I don’t know how they’re doing. “It’s awful. You hear about gunshots happening all around the city, but eventually, it affects you.”

Prior to the Christmas break, the school hosted a community event on Friday that featured food, entertainment by the school’s dance and drum teams, and free hams.

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