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Two Toddlers Killed In A DUI Crash In North Las Vegas Has Been Identified By Coroner

Two Toddlers Killed In A DUI Crash In North Las Vegas Has Been Identified By Coroner

Two Toddlers Killed In A DUI Crash In North Las Vegas Has Been Identified By Coroner

The car that lost control and crashed, killing two young children and dismembering one of them, was driven by an alcoholic “family member,” according to the North Las Vegas Police Department.

According to the Clark County Coroner’s Office, the two girls were identified as 2-year-old Rose Wilmer, who passed away at the scene of the collision, and 3-year-old Taylor Wilmer, who passed away at University Medical Center.

On Scott Robinson Boulevard and Casa Verde Drive, close to the intersection of Lone Mountain Road and Clayton Street in North Las Vegas, the crash happened outside of several residential areas.

Neighbors claim they had to act quickly when they saw one of the lifeless infants on the street before emergency personnel arrived. The palm tree that directly borders the backyard walls of multiple residences was struck head-on, according to police, after the car first sideswiped a wall, trees, and a light pole.

The sound of an “explosion” came from the back of the couch where Kristian Rogers, 14, claimed to be sitting at the time. To assist, he and his uncle leaped over their backyard wall, where they encountered a terrible scene. There was a silver Honda that had hit the palm tree and developed a “V”-shaped front.

Police have described the female motorist as being “in her 20s,” and they believe that she was speeding and intoxicated at the time of the collision. Rogers claimed that what he saw after scaling the wall left him speechless.

With tears in his eyes, Rogers stated outside his grandmother’s home on Monday morning, “When I saw that baby, the baby didn’t have a head.”

“She trod on the baby’s leg carelessly when the firefighters arrived and when they got (the driver) out of the car. She really just stepped out of the car with a smashed nose. She may have been more concerned with herself than the infant.

According to Davis Mallory and other close neighbors, the palm tree is what stopped the automobile from plowing through their backyard walls and into their homes. Within inches of his wall, Mallory claimed that one of the toddlers’ remains was discovered in a white box that had been spray-painted on the asphalt.

Little black child as well. That child must have been no older than one or two years old, I mean. This child is quite young. It’s a little child here. No bigger than my arm, probably,” Mallory replied in front of his house. “In my opinion, the vehicle must have been traveling at least 50 to 60 mph.

On this section of the road, the posted speed limit is 35 mph.

After a brief news conference on Monday afternoon, North Las Vegas Police Department Public Information Officer Alex Cuevas revealed to 8 News Now that both toddlers were female and wearing “adult seatbelts,” which he believes contributed to the decapitation of one of the children. While the other toddler passed away in the hospital, that one was pronounced dead at the scene.

The other two adult passengers are still being treated for significant injuries in the hospital, according to Cuevas. The toddlers refer to one of these individuals, the driver, as a “family member.”

Cuevas affirms that additional material will be made public in the upcoming weeks, but neighbors claim that what they witnessed on Sunday night has traumatized them.

Mallory remarked, “A lot of this stuff right here could’ve been avoided.” “The children had no chance.”

“I was unable to eat. Just traumatized, was I? I was trembling because the infant appeared to be two years old, and I have a sister who is two years old, so I didn’t want anything to happen to her, said Rogers.

Cuevas stated that he was unable to remark on the precise connection between the passengers in the car and any possible charges that could be brought against the driver after being taken into prison.

An early Monday morning news release asked drivers to “protect them by ensuring sure each youngster is safe in the appropriate car seat for their age, height, and weight” and to think about the risks associated with driving while intoxicated.

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