Tyre Nichols Is Seen On Video Calling For His Mother After Being Beaten By Officers Who Are Now Charged In His Death

Tyre Nichols pleaded for his mother as Memphis police officers beat him many times, striking him in the face while his hands were shackled, toward the end of the black man’s fatal contact with the officers this month, according to video made public by the city.

And even when paramedics show only minutes after the police withdraw, it seems like Nichols was abandoned on the street more than once before an ambulance arrived.

The traffic stop and assault on January 7 that resulted in the 29-year-hospital old’s death from his injuries three days later were captured on body camera and surveillance footage that the city published on Friday night. The five fired Memphis police officers, all of whom are Black, were charged with murder the day before their release.

Authorities, including President Joe Biden, expressed indignation over the video, calling it “yet another heartbreaking reminder of the tremendous terror and trauma, the anguish, and the tiredness that Black and Brown Americans feel every single day.” Law enforcement specialists were astounded by the film.

Following the release of the recordings, protesters in Memphis flocked to Interstate 55 on Friday night, shutting both lanes of the bridge connecting the western Tennessee city with Arkansas.

The main facts of Nichols’ interaction were as follows: In Memphis, police stopped Nichols on what they initially claimed was a reckless driving suspicion. Video indicates that after being hauled out of his car by police, he struggled with them and fled. Moments later, the police caught up with him and repeatedly punched or kicked him.

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