U-haul Driver Arrested for M*rder After “Intentionally Targeting and Mowing Down” Innocent People, Including Dad of 3

Images of Weng Sor from the Nevada Department of Corrections and an ABC 7 screengrab. Two dozen accusations were filed against the U-Haul driver who reportedly “intentionally targeted and mowed down” a “innocent pedestrian and numerous cyclists” in February, k!lling one of them.

Weng Sor, 62, a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, was indicted on 25 charges, including m*rder, attempted murder, first-degree and second-degree assault, and attempted first-degree assault, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office on Monday.

According to reports, Sor has a history of mental illness and was incarcerated in Nevada for stabbing his brother and a neighbor on February 13, 2023.  He apparently thought that this marked judgment day.

U-haul Driver Who ‘intentionally Targeted and Mowed Down’ Innocent People
U-haul Driver Who ‘intentionally Targeted and Mowed Down’ Innocent People

During the subsequent rampage, 9 citizens and 2 police officers were hurt, and the 44-year-old father of three YiJie Ye was k!lled while riding an electric bicycle near Bay Ridge Parkway and Fifth Avenue. Ye, who worked for a food delivery service, was k!lled after he hit his head.

Victims in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and Sunset Park suffered “multiple rib fractures, a pelvic fracture, broken legs, [and] injury to the head, ankle, and knee” between 10:20 and 11:05 a.m. on February 13, allegedly at the hands of Sor.

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After hitting a cyclist crossing the street, the driver of a U-Haul was seen on video following the vehicle onto a Brooklyn sidewalk. In broad daylight, one male pedestrian was spotted ducking out of the way of the speeding U-Haul and the pursuing police car. The driver, according to the authorities, was apprehended at Red Hook.

“This was a terrifying incident in which we allege that an innocent pedestrian and numerous cyclists were intentionally targeted and mowed down by this defendant, including a father of three who did not survive his injuries,” DA Eric Gonzalez said in a statement.

“We will now seek to bring the defendant to justice and to keep the streets of Brooklyn safe.” According to the prosecution, Sor’s arraignment took place in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Monday. The defendant is still being held without bail and has a court date of May 31.

Below is a video documenting the events that transpired:

YouTube video

U-Haul driver indicted for m*rder after he ‘deliberately targeted and plowed down’ civilians, including a father of three children: DA.

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