The CEO of Uber Claims This is the Number One Excuse Drivers Provide for Canceling Rides

Trips to undesirable locations are the main cause of driver cancellations, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. Khosrowshahi claimed that driver cancellations were more common when drivers were unsure of the intended destination an interview with “CBS Mornings” on Thursday.

“The most frequent cause of cancellation is that. They didn’t want to travel there”, according to Khosrowshahi. According to him, drivers wanted to be able to see the destination before accepting a transport. To cut down on cancellations brought on by hesitation to travel to particular regions, Uber included the option for upfront destination disclosure.

But the upfront destination option is not accessible to drivers in New York City due to fare laws, he said. However, other regions of the country can use the feature. Khosrowshahi disclosed strategies for utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance the firm’s offerings and produce more tailored and human-like user experiences.

The news has been confirmed by the tweets below:

The introduction of a new generation of AI, known as generative AI, will transform Uber’s approach to user interactions by producing a more human experience, he claimed. Uber now utilizes AI for estimating arrival times and providing service selections.

“In a curious sense, I think AI will enable Uber to communicate with you more humanly. All of the messages will be lot more tailored, according to Khosrowshahi. The communications are currently standard. A little personalisation is included. Uber and you will develop a personal relationship thanks to the next-generation AI.”

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